My HM Services

My Workshops
Each month I try to host both a Digi-Crop and a Cafe-Crop for fellow Heritage Makers (anyone who has signed up for Heritage Makers, or anyone interested in learning about Heritage Makers) to get together for a night out to work on projects!  If I am not able to hold any during a given month, I will provide you with information to other Crops nearby!

What is a Digi-Crop?
Bring your laptop, bring a friend, and head on over for a night out to work on your projects with fellow Heritage Makers like yourself! You'll have a chance to get out of the house to make some progress on your work all while meeting, greeting, and eating with others who share your love for Heritage Makers! Share your projects, get creatively inspired by others, and get any needed help from consultants like myself! Plus photo scanning services will be available to anyone interested!  (see below for more into)

What is a Cafe-Crop?
A Cafe-Crop is exactly the same as a Digi-Crop except it is held at a local cafe or restaurant that offers FREE internet access!

Photo Scanning
Finally your boxes of photos will all conveniently be on your computer in a matter of minutes with the help of a sheet-fed scanner that can scan up to 30 pictures per minute! Scan your photos, childrens’ artwork, certificates, greeting cards, love letters, movie tickets, reports, and more!

Scanning your photos will give you:
· Peace of mind, knowing that your photos are safe from fire, water, and other dangers!
· An easy way to share your photos with friends and family!
· A simple way to get your photos onto the computer and ready to make lasting projects!

The only way to recieve photo scanning services is to attend a Digi-Crop hosted by Stephanie, my director!  Check my calendar for her upcoming events! 

One-On-One/Studio Demo
Don't want to have a party, but still want to meet to learn more about Heritage Makers and/or the Studio, then lets meet one-on-one and lets talk! As your consultant, I can help get you started, help with any problems you may be having, or help you come up with ideas on what kind of stories you can create with Heritage Makers!

"You really taught me a lot and I feel great about what I learned while you were here!" ~ Shannon Spence

My Punch Card
I've created business punch cards for my clients!  Once you have all 5 punches you will recieve 10 FREE publishing points from me!
  • Publish Your 1st Book
  • *Attend an event
  • *Host an event
  • *Bring a Friend to one of my events
  • Attend a No-Obligation Business Opportunity Meeting
*Party, Workshop, Photo Scanning Event, or Studio Demo