General HM Questions
What is Heritage?
  • The definition of "heritage," is the passing down of practices through tradition.  By combing your photos and your memories in a storybook, you are preserving your family heritage!
What can I do with Heritage Makers?
  • Heritage Makers offers a wide variety of products! From cards and invitations to storybooks, canvases, jewelry and more! Upgrade from a Basic account to a Premiere account and your project opportunities are truly endless! (Learn more about our account options here!)
How is Heritage Makers different from other computerized scrapbooking programs?
  • Heritage Makers storybooks are bound like books you can buy on the shelf of a bookstore!  Other programs glue the pages together, making their products flimsier and not as long-lasting.  Also, other programs limit what you can modify and edit on their products, but Heritage Makers gives you complete flexibility to add, remove, or alter anything in your project!  Plus Heritage Makers provides you with online photo storage!  Your photos no longer have to take up space in the closet or on your computer!
Do I have to purchase special software to use Heritage Makers?
  • No!  Heritage Makers is ALL online!  All you need is a computer and access to the internet, and you can create heritage anytime/anywhere!

Account Questions
I have activated my account, now what?
  • The very first thing I reccommend doing before starting a project is to register for the "Introduction to Studio" online class!  It's a free class offered to any Heritage Maker to help you learn how to navigate within your Studio! 
  • If you don't feel like taking a class, or after taking the class, the next thing I highly reccommend doing is get all your photos organized and start uploading!  Having all of your photos ready to use makes creating your storybooks much easier in my opinion!
How do I upload my photos?
  • Just go to 'My Photos,' then click on 'My Albums' and either upload your photos to that folder, or create a new album!  You can select multiple photos to load at a time!
What is the difference between a Basic and a Premiere account?
  • The main difference between the two, other than the fact that one is free and one is not, is that with a Basic account your amount of photo storage is limited to 1GB, while with a Premiere account you have unlimited photo storage.  View a Basic/Premiere comparison here.
How do I switch to a Premiere account?
  • Contact me when you're ready to upgrade so we can get you the best deal!  After you make your purchase, your Premiere will be credited to your account. You will have to activate it when you are ready, since it does not automatically start. When you are ready to activate your Premiere, go to "My Account" and you will see a button asking if you would like to start your Premiere. Simply click on that button. If you do not activate your Premiere within 90 days of purchasing it, it will activate automatically. You can choose for your Premiere to automatically renew or not. Your premiere will expire based from the date that you activated it, not from the purchased date.
What is Club Premiere?
  • You become a Club Premiere member once you purchase a year subscription Premiere account.  Being a Club Premiere member offers you discounted prices on monthly specials and more!

Questions About Products
What are publishing points?
  • You can pre-purchase publishing points through me before or after you've finished your projects. Purchasing points means that you save on the project by paying the sale price verses the retail price. When your project is complete and you are ready to order, simply apply your points to your order and you only pay for shipping at that time.
  • Publishing points are $1 per point and can be used towards any project!  Learn more here!
Do I purchase publishing points before or after I finish my project?
  • It doesn't matter when you purchase your points as long as you purchase them before you publish your project!  If you don't have the money now to purchase a credit, that's ok!  Go ahead and start working on your project(s) now, then when you have the money, you can purchase points then!
Do publishing points expire?
  • Yes, all product credits expire two years from the date of purchase.  With the new points system, there is no longer any extension available on expiration, so once your points expire, you can't get them back.
Where can I view my publishind points?
  • Click on "My Account," then on "Publishing Points." You will be able to see how many points you have and when your points expire.
How many projects can I work on at a time?
  • You can start an unlimited number of projects and be working on them simultaniously, but when you are in the Studio, you can only work on one project at a time.  Your projects will be saved in your account forever, published or un-published, unless you choose to delete them.
What can I modify in my project template?
  • Anything and everything! Unlike other programs, the Heritage Makers Studio gives you complete flexibility!  You can modify anything you see on your page, including colors, photos, and other design elements!
How many pages will my storybook have?
  • Each storybook starts with 21 pages, board books have 15 pages, however additional pages can be added to any storybook. 
  • Pages cannot be added to Swatch/Flipbooks or Board Books.
Is there a limit to how many pages I can add to my storybook?
  • Unfortunately, yes.  A Storybook, you can have as many as 100 pages, while a Wirebound Book, can have as many as 50 pages.  
  • The cost is $.99 for every page you add.  For the 12x12 and 13x11 storybooks, additional pages are $1.99 per page.
What if my storybook is lost or ruined?
  • Not to worry! Heritage Makers understands that your projects will be passed around and worn, therefore they have created Heirloom Assurance. This assures that your projects will last lifetimes! No matter if you've lost your book, pages have been torn, typos, or daily wear and tear, Heritage Makers will print a replacement for you at only half the cost! Simply fill out the HA form, return your your original project, and your new book will be shipped to you!

Questions About Shipping
What is the cost of shipping?
  • It depends on your location and the product. Currently Heritage Makers shipping is only available to the US and Canada.
How long will it take to recieve my book?
  • As a general rule, storybooks will be shipped within 5-10 business days.  All other products are generally shipped within 3-5 business days.  However from my experience, your wait time will be much shorter!
What are the holiday production deadlines?
  • Keep in mind that when holidays are getting close, it may take longer for your projects to arrive.  For this reason holiday publication deadlines have been created.  All projects submitted by the given deadline are guaranteed to arrive by the holiday.  If for some reason they do fail to arrive due to production error, you will be refunded the cost of shipping.  Any holiday shipping deadlines will be posted on my Home page!
Can I ship to an address other than my own?
  • Yes! If you've created a project as a gift, you can have it shipped from the warehouse directly to the person you've created it for!  This will get your gift to the recipient sooner!