Studio Tips & Tricks

Manage Your Photos - Save time and space!

Take the time to manage your photos before you take them off your camera!  Doing so will help eliminate some of the overwhelming frustration of having to search through all your photos later!
  • With a Basic account you have limited photo storage (2GB), so to help save space, only upload the photos you are going to use in your project!

Leave A Margin - Don't cut your page short!

Always leave a 1/8" margin around your project page!  The gray box around the page shows you where your page should be cut off in production. But the page cutters can sometimes go slightly over that marked spot. To be safe, make sure you have a 1/8 inch margin around your entire page.

Swapping Elements - Easy project modification!

Try using the CTL button for swapping out a paper, photo, or other piece of digital art! When you drag your element onto the page, hold down the CTL key (CMD for mac computers).  The element should swap without any problems!

Using Alphabets - It doesn't have to be hard!

Pull your alphabet letters from the collection onto your page.  Align your letters at their default size.  Add your desired effects to one letter.  Copy this letter, then "shift" and click ALL letters.  Go to EDIT/PASTE SPECIAL/PASTE FORMAT to apply the same format to all the letters at once!  With the letters still selected, you can resize and move your letters all at once!

Arranging Elements - Stack your page elements!

At the bottom of the ToolBox there are 5 icons that are visible no matter wwhich tab you are viewing. From here you can lock in place and arrang stach order of backgrounds, photos,, embelishments and text boxes.  When you arrange the stack order of an object you can send it to back (behind all elements on the page), send backward (send it behind one element with each click), bring forward (bring the object closer to the fron with each click), or bring to front (object will be on top of all the other elements on the page).

Things to keep in mind:
  • This tool takes ALL elements into consideration.  If you think about the order objects were placed on your page, arranging them will be that much esier!
  • Make sure an objct is unlocked before arranging it's stack order, eitherwise it will not move!

Lock/Unlock - Keep your elements from moving on your page!

This is a great tool!  If you're arranging many elements on a page, make sure to lock your elements in place that you don't want to move!  It's very easy to accidently click an element and move it a few inches from where you want it! 
  • Your element is locked when a red border appears when you click on the element.  It is unlocked with the border is green.
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